Statement of support: David Pruden

David Pruden writes:

I have had an opportuity to review the sexual identity guidelines and I think the work is outstanding. A clear, defined process has been lacking for many years. This should be of great benefit to practioners and clients alike. I intend to distribute the information to members listed on our referral database and suggest that they incorporate them into their current practices.

David C. Pruden, M.S.Executive DirectorEvergreen International

David Clarke Pruden is the Executive Director of Evergreen International, a non-profit Latter-day Saint organization that provides resources and educational services for same-sex attracted members, their families, and local church unit leaders. His M.S. in Family and Human Development is from Utah State University, and his B.S. in Psychology and Sociology was earned at the University of Utah. He speaks and writes extensively on subjects related to human sexuality and adolescent development, and is on the Board of Directors of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality.

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