SIT Framework and Working with Mixed Orientation Couples

opryland hotelI (Mark) will be presenting the SIT Framework at the American Association of Christian Counselor’s (AACC) World Conference in Nashville on Friday, September 18th. The title of the talk is “Working with Mixed Sexual Orientation Couples.” Mixed orientation couples are couples in which one partner experiences same-sex attraction and the other does not. This presentation is a conceptual paper based on our review of the literature (I am co-presenting with Jill Kays, a doctoral student in clinical psychology whose dissertation deals with this subject) and a previous five-year longitudinal study of ‘resilient couples,’ or couples in mixed orientation marriages who stayed together and reported marital satisfaction.

Sexual Identity Therapy (SIT) represents one stage in our four-stage approach to working with mixed orientation couples. In this context, SIT is provided to the sexual minority who is making decisions about his or her identity and behavior, as well as the unique considerations in that type of relationship. Other stages address the important relational considerations, such as dealing with disclosure or discovery and, for those couples who are interested in the relationship, clinicians can follow recommendations for improving the marriage.

The conference location is the Opryland Hotel and Convention Center in Nashville. The session is scheduled for 8:45-10:00am on Friday morning. I will post some of the PowerPoint slides on the site after the workshop.SIS

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